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  1. Geomax Ezicat i550 Cable Locator / Detector
    Special Price $1,098.00 Regular Price $1,220.00

    Locator with additional depth indication feature

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  2. Zenith60 GNSS Smart Antenna GPS Receiver
    As low as $9,738.00

    The Zenith60 is a calibration-free tilt GNSS smart antenna that incorporates state-of-the-art technology.

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  3. GeoMax Zoom25 neXus5 Reflectorless Total Station
    As low as $8,146.80

    The enhanced design of Zoom25 protects the instrument against dust and water jets from any direction even under low temperatures down to -30°C.

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  4. GeoMax Zone75 Dual Grade Rotating Laser
    As low as $2,614.50
    • Operating Range: 1100 m / 3600 ft
    • Self-leveling accuracy: ± 5°
    • Self-leveling range: Up to 15 %
    • Grade range: ± 1.5 mm at 30 m (±1/16” at 100 ft)
    • Rotation Speed: 300, 600, 900 rpm
    • Batteries type: Li-Ion
    • Battery life: 50+ Hours
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  5. Geomax ZAL300 Automatic Levels Series
    As low as $534.60

    Get all your tasks done with GeoMax’s level fl agship. From daily levelling tasks to high accuracy – the ZAL300 Series is your first choice where robustness, comfort and accuracy count. It simply Works when you do!

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  6. GeoMax ZAL100 Series Automatic Levels
    As low as $287.10

    Suitable for outdoor as well as for indoor use the user friendly ZAL100 Auto Level Series from GeoMax is your guarantee to get the job done, accurate and on time.

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