Data Collectors

Data collectors are essential tools for modern surveyors and construction professionals. These handheld devices provide a compact and efficient way to gather, store, and manage data while on-site. With touchscreens and user-friendly interfaces, data collectors streamline the process of recording measurements, coordinates, and field observations. Equipped with wireless communication capabilities, enabling seamless data transfer between the field and office. Data collectors enhance accuracy, speed up workflows, and contribute to the precision of mapping, boundary marking, and construction layout tasks.

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  1. SIS Windows 10 Rugged Tablet Data Collector

    Built to withstand your wild use in field data collection, navigation, construction engineering, land Surveying, road layout, automotive diagnosis, field maintenance, vehicle tracking, industrial measurement, asset management, warehouse & logistics management etc.

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  2. Spectra Geospatial Ranger 7 Windows 10 Data Collector

    The Ranger 7 Data Collector, with its rugged and sunlight readable 7-inch touch screen, full keypad, and Windows 10 Pro operating system, is built to hit mark for surveyors requiring an easy-to-use, rugged, cost-effective data collector. The Ranger 7 comes with either Survey Pro or Layout Pro depending on your needs. With the full-features Windows 10 operating system, the Ranger 7 can also handle many other apps that will help make you more productive.

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  3. Handheld Algiz 10X V3 Rugged 10" Tablet With Windows 10
    As low as $2,609.10

    The powerful Algiz® 10X rugged tablet offers sophisticated technology and can withstand weather elements and harsh handling — a perfect match for today’s mobile workforce.

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