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  1. Zenith60 GNSS Smart Antenna GPS Receiver
    As low as $9,738.00

    The Zenith60 is a calibration-free tilt GNSS smart antenna that incorporates state-of-the-art technology.

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  2. Spectra Geospatial SP60 GPS GNSS Receiver
    As low as $4,225.00

    The Spectra Geospatial SP60 is a new generation GNSS receiver offering a high level of flexibility to cover any demand from GIS all the way up to sophisticated RTK and Trimble RTX™ capable solutions.

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  3. Spectra Geospatial SP90M Ultra-Rugged GNSS Receiver
    As low as $13,115.00

    The SP90m is a powerful, highly versatile, ultra-rugged, and reliable GNSS positioning solution for a wide variety of applications in real-time and post-processing.

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  4. Spectra Geospatial SP85 GPS GNSS Receiver
    As low as $11,241.00

    The Spectra Geospatial®SP85 is a next generation GNSS receiver that combines decades of GNSS RTK technology with revolutionary new GNSS processing.

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