Robotic Total Stations

Robotic Total Stations are advanced surveying instruments that combine precision optics, electronic distance measurement (EDM) technology, and robotic automation. These devices enable surveyors and construction professionals to conduct accurate measurements, stakeout points, and gather data with enhanced efficiency. Robotic Total Stations can be operated remotely using a data collector, allowing the instrument to automatically track and follow a prism or target, making solo surveying tasks feasible. With capabilities such as remote operation, data integration, and real-time feedback, Robotic Total Stations streamline surveying processes and contribute to higher accuracy and productivity in the field.

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  1. Spectra Geospatial Focus 50 Robotic Total Station

    The Spectra Geospatial FOCUS 50 is a robotic total station you can customize to fit your needs. The FOCUS 50 features the smoothness of MagDrive™, the stability of SurePoint™

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  2. Geomax Zoom95 Automated Robotic Total Station
    As low as $23,699.70

    The Zoom95 is the true flagship of the GeoMax TPS portfolio. Featuring advanced STReAM360 technology, this one-person total station substantially minimises the time of any survey task and maximises your performance and accuracy. Combined with the X-PAD field software, the user-friendly and flexible solution makes it easy to start digitising your construction site.

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  3. GeoMax Zoom75 Reflectorless Robotic Total Station
    As low as $17,705.70

    The Zoom75 robotic TPS is a smart, affordable choice for both novice and experienced surveyors.

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