Why Buy From Survey Instrument Sales?

Top Five reason why you should buy here:

  1. We are real people experienced in your industry. We know your application and can help you pick the right product.
  2. We have tested and evaluated all the products we carry. We feel we have some of the best products available in the marketplace today.
  3. We do not just ship boxes! We inspect and calibrate every instrument to better than manufacturer specs.
  4. We are an authorized service center for all the products we sell. You will deal with US and only US if you have any problems
  5. If the product fails within the first 90 days due to a warranty related problem, we will provide you with a loaner at no charge and repair your instrument in house


Why buy here?

In your industry, you want to rely on the very best that your money can buy. This reflects on your workmanship as well as your company image and reputation. When you purchase your equipment from us you will be receiving the very best products that are CALIBRATED and CHECKED by our FACTORY TRAINED service managers before they are delivered to your door. You will never wonder if your equipment is out of calibration when you receive it. If it is, we will remedy the situation immediately. Before we put our name on the case of your instrument it will receive a thorough inspection and an adjustment to factory specification.

So before you buy somewhere else ask them if they offer the same services for the prices that we charge for our equipment. I think that you will be surprised, they can’t. We are #1 in sales and SERVICE and we intend on staying there by making people like you very satisfied. Remember we may not be the “cheapest” around but we are not the most expensive either. We pass our buying power down to our customers on all of our equipment. We have been here the longest and we do it right the first time.

You can count on that.